A Naturalist's Desiderata - Desideratum 12: Take What Nature Gives

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Farr Regional Library - Greeley
Farr Meeting Room

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Some things in life we can prove to be true; some things we know to be true; and some things we accept to be true. Things we accept become beliefs. A desideratum is a powerful belief, a tool by which we guide our passage through life. When difficult decisions must be made after all facts have been assessed, the desiderata of our lives guide how we proceed. Naturalists cope with the interface between humanity and nature, a confrontation sometimes elegant, sometimes hostile. These are a naturalist's desiderata, the tools by which humanity can survive nature and nature can survive humanity. Series presented by Kevin Cook. The gift starts with oxygen to breathe and glucose to run the engines of living, but it elaborates to so much more. It becomes a source of knowledge and of tranquility and the wisdom that follows. This becomes the naturalist’s quest: take what Nature gives.
Event Type(s): Program
Age Group(s): Adult
Kazi Jestribek
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